Everything Old Is Digital Again – Old Time Radio


If you are looking for a great new old way to gather the family together for some wholesome fun, try Old Time Radio (OTR) downloads in mp3.


Ask your parents or grandparents what it was like to gather the family around the old Admiral Radio and wait for it to warm up as a world of adventure flooded their home from around the world and as far away as the stars.



Whether you are a Dragnet fan, want to reminisce about The Adventures of Babe Ruth, Captain Midnight or The Shadow, OTR freesites have amassed thousands of terrific G rated shows for you to enjoy with your children. One of the best and easiest to maneuver is Archive.org (a terrific repository for tons of cool GeekDad stuff)

So sit back, warm up the old Dell (grab a beer) and get ready to blast off with great comedy, drama and adventures from the “golden days of yesteryear”.

Note: The best way to download OTR from Archive.org is via the "Whole directory" link when available.

Update: 5/25 – Reader Scott C. reminds me that both SIRIUS and XM have OTR channels dedicated 7/24 to the classics. These are great to listen to with the family in the car and on long hauls.

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