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I recently gave away all of my analog cameras and actually felt bad for the people who received them. Gone is the Nikon 8008, Cannon AE1
and my digital video camera. For their day, these were all the best quality that lots of money could buy.

It used to be, "Honey, get the video camera. Never mind, I missed it."? or "?I
ran out of film."? I now keep an entire digital production studio with me at all times.

This is not going to be a comparison of digital cameras, but a new way of thinking about them.

My most recent favorite camera is the Canon SD630 ($200.00
+/-). It is the size of a pack of smokes and is just about everything I want in a digital production studio and I’m sure you will agree.


First off it fits in my right hand pocket. It is always there. I never leave home without it. <<== This is the trick. If you have it with you, you will use it.

Next, it takes great photos. Some newer models even have "face detect"? so that your subject will always be in focus.

Now here’??s where it and other pocket digital cameras excel and most people don’??t even know about these extras.

  1. A 1GB chip and it allows you to take over 700 photographs. Use them all to get that 1 perfect shot! With twin infants it is hard to get them to look into the camera and have a smiling face at the same time. All you need to do is set the camera to "manual"? and the exposure to "??multiple"?. As fast as the camera can adjust, it is taking the next shot. Just hold your finger down and you will hear a "click, click, click"? until you release your finger. For one special thank you note, I took over 525 pictures and kept 3 great ones and deleted the rest. The more you take the better chance you have of getting the "money shot"?. I now post to
  2. Your pocket digital camera is now your primary video camera. My camera takes 30fps at 640×480. I get about 15 minutes of crystal clear video on a 1GB chip. The sound is great and best of all, like a cold beer, it is always there when you need it. I actually had the video camera portion rolling
         when the sonographer announced "twins!". The cool part was that she didn’?t realize it was taking video and now I have priceless memories. You are only 4 clicks and your video memories are on


When you have amassed thousands of excellent photos, release them from your hard drive and turn them into a sweet coffee table book from The cost is beyond reasonable and the quality is scary good. There are always 2fer coupons available somewhere on the net. They are full sized and (15"? x 11.5"?) cost about $65.00
shipped with "full bleed"? pages throughout.


Note: There are other great uses for your digital photos such as and Walmart’s photo center. Reply with cool things you have done with your digital camera. BeerscoutBeerscout

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