Robotics summer camps



Robot Magazine
("The latest in hobby, science and consumer robotics") has a great listing of robotics summer camps around the country in its new issue. From the intro:

There are a growing number of summer camps springing up around the nation that teach robotics on an entry level. These are educational venues where young hobbyists can learn the basics and get the chance to assemble robots ranging in complexity from entry level kits to more advanced projects that embody early levels of “professional tool chains” used by programmers who have moved beyond BASIC.

I’m a subscriber to the mag, which is classic example of niche publishing. Most of the authors are enthusiasts rather than journalists, and the production quality is heavy on utility and light on style. But it’s a great way to keep up with an exploding field and even though most of the robots are out of my league, there’s a fun aspirational aspect to reading about the cool things other people are doing. Even the ads are fascinating in the glimpse-into-another-world sort of way.

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