Discussion Thread: Military Geek

Geek Culture

Unfortunately, they never actually made one of these. Which is a shame because it’d make my daily commute a lot more interesting.

With Memorial Day coming up (and May being "Military Appreciation Month"), I thought I’d throw another question out there to the group:

What’s your favorite military-created/inspired gadget/technology?

I’m not talking nuclear bombs or guns, but those things developed for the military that have found civilian applications that we, as GeekDads, can enjoy.

While there are tons of gadgets and inventions to list, my personal favorite is night vision.

I look forward to the day when I can take The Boy camping, go out in a field or in the woods at night, and take a peek at all the creatures that we can often hear but rarely see in the darkness. As a double bonus, it may take some of the fear about the dark some young kids have, especially when out in the middle of nowhere.

While prices can get outrageous for some sets (like these beauties), you can get a decent set for a few hundred bucks, like these from Night Detective.

So what’s your favorite military-like item, and what makes it so great for you?

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