Meet the Mechanist in the Official ‘Fallout 4: Automatron’ Trailer

Reading Time: 2 minutes


I recently wrote about the next three Fallout 4 DLC, and now Bethesda has dropped the first official trailer for Automatron.


The trailer give us a first glimpse of the Mechanist–the big baddie of the DLC who is sending his robots out to cause havoc in the Wasteland. Who is he, and how many robots does he have?


We also get to see how expansive the robot companion builder is. I am already imagining all of the hours I will lose just building robots! It looks like every part from every robot in the game and then some will be available for your personal robot army.


Lastly, the trailer shows us a lot of robot on robot violence. This is Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots on steroids!

Check out the full trailer! Are you excited about this DLC? If you haven’t already, pick up the Season Pass now to get Automatron along with all future add-ons.

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