Amazing Board Game

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If you haven’t checked out board games since you were a kid, you are in for a treat.21cg4cpvadl_aa__321cg4cpvadl_aa__3

Game producers have stepped up the innovation to compete for our leisure time with excellent results. Game producers, like Ravensburger, have become more innovative in making games that appeal to adults and children alike.

One of our favorites for “Family Game Night” is The Amazing Labyrinth Board Game. The object of the game is to advance your piece through a maze to find a specific set of treasure.  Each player changes the maze layout before their turn, pushing a maze piece onto the board which pushes out another piece in that row or column. Players have to try to make the maze work for them while blocking other players from their treasure pieces.  My 6 and 8 year old got the concept immediately and love playing. The game is easy to get, but complicated enough to get kids thinking about the 2-dimensional effects of their moves and optimal strategy.

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