What It Means to Love a Child

Geek Culture

Yesterday I came across the 2007 Pulitzer Prize Award for Feature Photography.  The prize was won this year by Renee C. Byer for her work documenting the last days of an 11 year old cancer victim and his single mother  of five.  This has nothing to do with being a geek dad, but everything to do with being a parent.  Please forgive the off topic direction of this post, but for those of us with healthy children I think it’s important that every single day we recognize how truly truly fortunate and blessed that we are as parents.  The luxury to spend time geeking out with our kids is a treasure indeed and I think it’s important that we always remember this.  Not everyone is always this lucky.

These images are troubling, painful and they broke my heart, but at the same time reminded me again of how important it is for me to love my children and cherish the days that I have with them here on this earth.

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