Launch Into the Universe of Stephen Hawking’s Mind

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Want to hear about wormholes and gas-giant-inhabiting aliens and time travel and that sort of mind-blowing thing from a true genius without doing a bunch of channel surfing?

Problem solved: Discovery Channel’s long-awaited Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking launches tonight.

Starting at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific Time with a segment titled Aliens and followed up at 10 p.m. by Time Travel, the four-part miniseries promises Hawking’s typical mix of theory and wonder and fact and imagination.

Discovery has several mind-bending “what if?” sort of clips on its site, ranging from visions of life in Europa’s ocean to what a ship pushing near light speed might look like, and while that means a heavy dose of computer-generated effects, really, how else are you going to try and envision what goes on in a forever-voyaging mind like Stephen Hawking’s?

Luckily, he’s also gifted enough to bring us all along for the ride.

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