GeekDad volunteers seen through Google MyMaps


We’ve had more than 30 people apply to be GeekDads so far, which is great. The feedback has also been helpful. Several people have mentioned that my target of 6-12 posts per day is too much (for the readers, not the writers). To be honest, that number simply came from the standard set by the excellent MAKE Magazine blog. If many of you think that 3-6 posts a day would be better, we’ll reconsider.

One of the things we’re hoping to do is to broaden the geographic range of the GeekDads, who are currently overrepresented in the SF Bay Area. I asked everyone who applied to tell me where they’re based and about half actually did. Following Scott Nagle’s primer on creating Google MyMaps mashups, here’s the geographic distribution of the current GeekDad applicants who have given their location.


Accepting that a US focus is inevitable, we’re still a bit light on the central states. Hello Denver? Chicago? Salt Lake City? And where’s New York? Any GeekDads there? Email me if you want to contribute. We’ll be picking a half-dozen authors over the next week.

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