Awesomeness From A to Z

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Image copyright © Neill CameronImage copyright © Neill Cameron

Image copyright © Neill Cameron

Last June and July, the artist Neill Cameron crowdsourced ideas for an alphabet of awesomeness. Between readers on his blog, his followers on Twitter, and commenters on his Facebook page, twenty-six sufficiently awesome ideas were generated, and Cameron produced some brilliant art based on each.

The project, called “A to Z of Awesomeness,” can be seen on Cameron’s website. Truly, the art for each letter would pass pretty much any test of awesomeness any geek could come up with. While I might call the art for “J” a bit disconcerting, I certainly can raise no objection to the choice. I can’t decide which of the letters I like best — “F,” seen above, is definitely a contender.

(Hat tip: MetaFilter)

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