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Representation in ‘Doctor Who’: The Doctor Is Non-Binary and Gender-Fluid

Representation in ‘Doctor Who’: The Doctor Is Non-Binary and Gender-Fluid

There is a conversation that is getting ignored and has been ignored for years: Trans representation in ‘Doctor Who.’ Time Lords are, by their very nature, non-binary, even The Doctor. Read More


Trans Day of Visibility: The Bittersweet Reality

Trans Day of Visibility: The Bittersweet Reality

Today is International Trans Day of Visibility. It’s supposed to be a day to celebrate trans people and focus on the good, while raising awareness of the discrimination we face. For a day that is supposed to be celebratory, it’s also depressing because the trans people who are currently visible in the media are not representative of the majority of experiencing. Today is filled with bittersweet emotion. Read More

Planning My Geeky-Queer Wedding: The Reception

When planning our geeky-queer wedding, Andrew and I had to make up a lot of things along the way, while balancing some of the traditional aspects that we find appealing. Sometimes, creating a new guide for our circumstances has been a little difficult. Other times, it was as easy as figuring out what aspects we really do not like in traditional weddings, and simply eliminating them; sometimes replacing them with our own special touches. The reception is another one of those situations where the end result is due to a process of elimination and supplementation, balanced with a couple traditional elements. Read More

Planning My Geeky-Queer Wedding: The Wedding Party, Family, and Guests

When you are planning a wedding, tradition and etiquette will tell you there are many things you must do. You must select a wedding party. Traditionally, there are also rules about whom you should choose. Traditionally, the parents of the individuals getting married must assume certain responsibilities. The guests are also seen to have specific roles within the whole affair. But, what if both parties have already been once married and divorced? What if one of those individuals is a trans man? What if the people getting married have different cultural backgrounds? What if a geeky element is being added? These questions are only a small fraction of things Andrew and I had to sort out as we began to plan our geeky-queer wedding. Read More

Why I AM Buying Girl Scout Cookies This Year.

This year, like so many others, I started my year with a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and eat healthier. This generally means tossing the sweets and indulging in the grocery produce aisles. Having been a Girl Scout all my life, I was raised on Thin Mints and Samoas (Carmel Delights) and I remember… Read More

Gender Identity, Chaz Bono and Ellen DeGeneres

On Thursday, September 15, 2011, the news world was a-buzz with a decision out of Australia that allows intersex individulas to select “X” as their sex when applying for a passport. People who are transgender are not allowed to choose this option, however it is an important step in combating some of the issues surrounding… Read More

Geek Speaks From Experience: It Gets Better

Until college, I can’t remember passing a day at home or school without being teased for being a brainiac and a tomboy. I was so used to being a pariah in my own life that I actually had a hard time adapting to living among friends. But my fellow grown-up nerds were patient. They all… Read More