Tony DiTerlizzi, Star Wars cover

Bounded Enthusiasm #7: Tony DiTerlizzi, Ralph McQuarrie, & Star Wars

Today’s episode of Bounded Enthusiasm is an interview with Tony DiTerlizzi. He’s an author and illustrator of many books for kids, including one of my family’s favorites, the WondLa series, and I’ve actually interviewed him a couple of times before. Today we’re talking about his new book, a picture book about Star Wars featuring paintings by the late great Ralph McQuarrie.

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GeekDad Interview: Author-Illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi

Tony DiTerlizzi’s new book, A Hero for WondLa, was just released this week and he’s currently on his book tour. It’s a sequel to The Search for WondLa, and both books are great sci-fi stories for kids, with gorgeous illustrations and wonderful characters. I spoke with DiTerlizzi over Skype last week just before his tour began, and had a fun conversation about the WondLa series, being dads, technology and nature, and some of his sillier books.

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