‘Inside Out’ Giveaway – Win a Prize-Pack of Toys That Are Sure to Bring Joy

We’ve all heard the saying “don’t play with my emotions,” but with Disney/Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ set to hit theaters in a little over a week (June 19th), TOMY is releasing a new line of figures, plush toys and playsets created to do just that. In celebration of its release, we’re giving away two ‘Inside Out’ prize-packs, each featuring three plush characters and one Console!

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New Monster

GeekDad Retro Toy: Mighty Men & Monster Maker

Tomy’s Mighty Men & Monster Maker consists of 18 tiles with raised lines on them — 6 heads, 6 upper torso, and 6 lower body. Most of the tiles are double-sided, so you’ll find a vampire’s head on one side, for example, and on the flipside a reptilian, Gorn-like monster head. Torsos include a superhero body breaking chains and a four-armed alien torso among others. Lower body examples include a pair of mummy-wrapped legs all the way to an upright-walking, pants-wearing pair of ape legs.

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