‘Inside Out’ Giveaway – Win a Prize-Pack of Toys That Are Sure to Bring Joy

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Image: Disney/Pixar & TOMY

We’ve all heard the saying “don’t play with my emotions,” but with Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out set to hit theaters in a little over a week (June 19th), TOMY is releasing a new line of figures, plush toys and playsets created to do just that. We’re giving away two Inside Out prize-packs, each featuring three plush characters and one Console, to folks who enter their info into the form at the end of this post!

Inside Out is a movie about the emotional journey of adolescence, set within the mind of a young girl named Riley. The toys are all based on the rich, colorful cast of emotions who live within Riley’s head.

TOMY is releasing multiple sets of character figures, each of a different size and with a different level of interactivity. The core set of figures includes all five of Riley’s emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. Each of these characters comes with its own unique memory sphere; the containers that hold Riley’s memories. The colored memory spheres each hold an image of Riley inside that corresponds to its particular emotion.

Image: Disney/Pixar & TOMY

Additional figures include a set of plush and mini-characters as well as a handful of detailed, 6-9″ characters with fabric clothes and voice boxes that recite various phrases from the film. The standout toy in this set is Bing Bong, Riley’s energetic imaginary friend who happens to be a pink elephant made of cotton candy. When you press his bow tie, Bing Bong sings “The Bing Bong Song” or recites one of his memorably ridiculous lines.

The core set of figures is created to interact with one of two Inside Out playsets; The Console and Headquarters. The Console, which comes with a Joy figure, interacts with the character figures, causing them to light up when they are placed at the console. The Console can also be added to the larger Headquarters, the hub for Riley’s emotional core which comes complete with memory spheres and a projector that projects images (memories) from the spheres onto the “screen of consciousness.”

Image: Disney/Pixar & TOMY

To enter to win an Inside Out prize-pack from TOMY, featuring three plush characters and one Console (with Joy figure) please use the form below. Only one entry per person, please; duplicate entries will be discarded.

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