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Tynker: Visual Game Programming Tools For Kids

I’m teaching a bunch of technology camps this summer, and one of the camps I’m most looking forward to is Beginning Game Programming. My goal is to introduce the students to the basic concepts of programming but also to give them hands-on time with as many game development platforms as we can fit into the week.

One of the tools that I’m definitely going to introduce to the students is Tynker. If you’re not familiar with it and have a student who is showing strong interesting in creating his or her own games, you’ll definitely want to check out their website.

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Tynker App

Tynker: An App to Teach Kids Programming

My son is nine, and very familiar with Scratch, so I’ll start by saying that this app is most helpful for a younger child, perhaps kindergarten age, who hasn’t had experience with drag-and-drop programming yet. While three games came with my app preview — Puppy Adventure, Lost in Space, and Sketch Racer — only the first game comes for free on the downloadable app, with in-app purchases providing more games for the player at around $2 per game.

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The Geek Immigrant's Guide to Learning Coding (aka Learn Like a Kid)

Being a Geek Immigrant mother to two Geek Native children, I set off to learn coding so I could turn around and help my kids learn coding. And I learned some valuable things along the way. Enough to construct this guide in case you are like me and coming to Geekhood in middle age. It will help you learn coding as an adult so that you can turn around and teach coding to kids. It’s for every teacher, every Coderdojo organizer, every parent, every person who wants-to-learn-coding-for-whatever-reason-but-knows-nothing-about-computers.

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