Book Review: ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen – 2015 Edition

‘Getting Things Done’ (also known as the GTD system) is a task management methodology. Before you dismiss this book (and this article) as boring hear this: GTD changed my life about seven years ago when I read David Allen’s book and implemented his system. If you are a geeky parent like me and want to have more time to do the things you enjoy–and be able to enjoy them even more because you know you aren’t dropping the ball somewhere else–then this book is for you.

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Email cover

Become an Email Ninja — Email: A MacSparky Field Guide

David Sparks has just released his latest book, Email: A MacSparky Field Guide, and this one is all about getting control of your email. As with Sparks’ other guides, this 300-page book is filled with almost two hours of screencasts and over 200 screenshots that support Sparks’ premise that you can get control of your email with just a few key behavior changes. And toss in a few specialized third-party apps and you can actually reduce the amount of time you spend in your favorite email application.

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