Fifteen Lives

Hey, GeekDad — Whatcha Reading?

We GeekDad writers often find ourselves buried in piles of books and games and software/apps – sometimes all three (looking at you, Jonathan Liu). Between the stuff we buy and the stuff we request for review and the stuff we did NOT request but absolutely love anyway, we sometimes get a bit behind in what we want to share with our readers.

Below you’ll find some books that one of our staff has finished or is close to finishing and needs to clear off the TO REVIEW list.

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Danger Lab

Send Your Kids to the High-Voltage Danger Lab

I am a huge fan of books that manage to entertain kids and teach them at the same time. I’ve written a few myself (that I hope were inspirational to some budding engineers or programmers out there), so I know it can be difficult to wrap an engaging storyline around a set of science or math concepts and projects. I recently stumbled upon a new series from Quirk Books which starts with Nick and Tesla’s High-Voltage Danger Lab and introduces readers to a set of twins, Nick and Tesla, who are sent to stay with inventor Uncle Newt while their parents are away.

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Saying “Neigh” to Equestria Girls

Which is all to say that, despite GeekMom Kelly’s charming review of the recent release My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, I am going to suggest that parents steer clear of this franchise. In a country where women are increasingly primary wage earners for their families, I say: Give girls the skills they need to get stable, lucrative jobs. America, put that Equestria Girl back on its pink shelf! Instead, I offer this short selection of fun, empowering, alternative gifts for little girls.

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