GeekDad Book Review: Max Barry’s Lexicon

Max Barry’s latest novel, Lexicon, is a crazy action-packed adventure, but this time people aren’t just firing shotguns—they’re firing off their mouths, too. Now, this being a Max Barry novel, I’d say the less you know going into it the better: you can assume that it has something to do with words from the title, and if that’s enough for you, then go pick up a copy and enjoy the ride.

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Get Your Tongue Out Of Whack

Ever bored or need a break from screen time? Then it’s time to play with your tongue! That sounds gross, but bear with me: I’m talking about tongue twisters. Of course, when you give your tongue a twist, it’s your brain that gets a workout, but we don’t call them ‘brain twisters’ because that’s just […]

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