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Image from Studio 360Image from Studio 360

Image from Studio 360

Last week, the Peabody-winning public radio show Studio 360 devoted part of their show to talking about the popular, fabricated language Klingon:

Why Yes, I Do Speak Klingon

Somehow the new Star Trek movie is managing to burn up the box office without a peep of Klingon — the made-up language of villainous space warriors. The linguist Arika Okrent is a certified Klingon speaker. In her new book In the Land of Invented Languages, she describes the lure of Klingon and why Earthlings have picked it up.

Of course, we know the best reason to speak Klingon: so we can tell the drunk cos-players in the elevator at the con where to stick their bat’leths when they get a little too in-character.

Check out the podacst of the show here.

More about the Klingon Language here.

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