Run Fight or Die

ZOMG! Zombies Invade Gen Con

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for zombies. But, hey, apparently so are lots of other gamers. There are tons of zombie-themed games (Last Night on Earth was one of my first and still one of my favorites) and more coming all the time. Here are just a few that I saw at Gen Con this year that I think are worth mentioning.

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Steam Park

The Nuts & Bolts of Steam Park

If you’ve ever dreamed of designing a theme park for robots … you’re kind of strange. But apparently not alone: Steam Park is a board game from Cranio Creations and Iello Games that lets you do just that. Released late last year, it combines all sorts of interesting mechanics like simultaneous die-rolling and drawing meeples out of a bag, and it’s very entertaining.

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