Exclusive Look at KaBOOM!’s New Series ‘The Deep’

Have you met the Nektons? They’re a family of underwater explorers who discover the hidden secrets of the ocean, including sunken cities, sea creatures, and pirates. They’re like a wetter version of the Robinsons (‘Lost in Space’) or the Callistos (‘Miles from Tomorrowland’). But they’re way down in ‘The Deep’ on their state-of-the-art (and oh, so shiny) submarine, Aronnax.

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GeekDad Exclusive: Announcing Abigail and the Snowman

Roger Langridge returns to Boom Studios with not one, but two new projects. First up, on October 1, it’s Jim Henson’s The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow. Then, in December, Langridge will present his first original creater-owned project since the Eisner-winning Snarked; Abigail and the Snowman is a four-issue miniseries for all ages that might be described as “Lilo & Stitch meet Calvin & Hobbes.”

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moshi zoom

Make Your Phone Smarter With Moshi and Boom

Indispensable. That’s how I describe my iPhone. It’s easily as important to me as my keys and wallet, so I always endeavor to treat it well – to pamper it even. Because of this, I tend to go through a lot of accessories, always looking for something that performs slightly better or adds additional value to an already stellar user experience. Two recent finds, the Moshi SenseCover and Boom’s Bluetooth Urchin, have managed to do just that.

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