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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 59: Roger Langridge

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This week, we’re thrilled to have Roger Langridge – the all-ages comics genius – on the show. Yes, he’s awesome. And yes, I just made up that “all-ages comics genius” moniker…but it’s totally appropriate.

Roger rose to prominence in the comics industry for his work on Judge Dredd, the Fin Fang Four (of all things), and his own creation Fred the Clown. He then worked (as both writer and illustrator) on Boom! Studios’ relaunched The Muppet Show series, and that’s where his style truly had a chance to shine.

From there, all bets were off. He worked on a series of Muppets book for Boom!, John Carter of Mars (Marvel), Snarked! (Boom!), Popeye (IDW), and The Rocketeer (IDW). And then, in my opinion, came the great stuff: his adaptation of Jim Henson’s The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow and the marvelous Abigail and the Snowman, both for Boom! Studios.


Seriously, if you haven’t checked out his work at all, do yourself a favor and start with those last two. Then work your way through his bibliography. But not before you jump on board his latest series for Boom!’s kaboom all-ages imprint: The Baker Street Peculiars.

Issue #2 (of a 4-issue limited series) is out this week, so swing by your friendly local comic shop for a copy. In the series, Roger teams up with Andy Hirsch (Adventure Time) to bring a new twist on the world of Sherlock Holmes. What if the world’s greatest detective wasn’t quite what he seemed? In fact, what if he was a phony and nothing more than the creation of an imaginative Mrs. Hudson who enlisted the aid of a ragtag group of kids to solve mysteries so she could write the stories?


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