Review – Knight Terrors: Titans #2 – Nightmares of the Tower

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Knight Terrors: Titans #2 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Knight Terrors: Titans #2 – Andrew Constant, Writer; Scott Godlewski, Mike Norton, Artists; Ryan Cody, Hi-Fi, Colorists

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: While some of the Knight Terrors miniseries are fairly straightforward, others keep you guessing about what exactly is going on and where the dream begins and ends. That was the case with the first issue of this series, which opened with a mysterious young woman digging herself out from the core of the possessed Titans Tower and seeking a way out. Along the way, she encountered transformed versions of the Titans, each possessed by their greatest fears, and helped them break free. What we didn’t get was any answer on who she was. From the character designs, I thought she could be Donna Troy, or even Raven… except that we met both of them along the way, trapped in their own nightmare world. So who was this mysterious young woman? Another face from the Titans’ past? Surprisingly, no one seemed too concerned with this question—especially once it became clear that the tower itself was cursed.

Rude awakening. Via DC Comics.

The idea of a building being the one in a nightmare rather than the heroes is intriguing, but I don’t know if it was executed all that well in the first issue. However, this issue has some clever twists that sell it in a way we haven’t seen before. After all, this isn’t the Titans Tower of the past—that one was destroyed in Dark Crisis (although to be honest, given how many Titans have died, that one would have nightmares too). This is built in Bludhaven, out of the bones of Bludhaven penitentiary, and no place has darker memories than a prison. This twist does a good job of building on the work that Tom Taylor did, but the reveal about who the woman is was sort of predictable once we knew the first part of this mystery. Overall, this didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t know about the Titans, but it serves as a compelling thrill ride with some great visuals to occupy them during the event.

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