Review – Peacemaker Tries Hard! #3: Going Rogue

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Peacemaker Tries Hard! #3 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Peacemaker Tries Hard! #3 – Kyle Starks, Writer; Steve Pugh, Artist; Jordie Bellaire, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: A darkly funny look at the DCU’s most pathetic antihero, this series finds Peacemaker at his lowest. He’s recently released from prison, he’s still dealing with the fallout from his abusive upbringing, and he finds some hope in a dog he rescues from a gang—only to have that dog kidnapped by Monsieur Mallah and the Brain, who force him to assist them in a scheme, only to backstab him at the conclusion of the job. At the beginning of this issue, he stumbles into a roadside bar bleeding profusely, finds an… unconventional approach to stopping the bleeding, and deals with some protective patrons as well as the construction-themed gang of villains he fought next issue. It’s a brutal fight in the middle of nowhere, as Peacemaker spends half the time having a well-deserved breakdown. But that’s nothing compared to what awaits him as he gets home, as he has to go up against his… parole officer.

Broke down. Via DC Comics.

Chris, the parole officer, has been a figure in this book since the start, showing compassion but also making sure Peacemaker knows he’s ready to run him in if he has to. And with Peacemaker leaving the state lines again, it’s that time—leading to a fight that starts oddly and turns into something completely absurd. Why does this skinny old man seem to be able to keep pace with a super-soldier? And why does this one persistent bee seem to be following Peacemaker around? The answer is a fantastic callback to the DC Golden Age that I would have never imagined—and surprisingly, not the only time that character has been referenced recently. This story has shades of John Wick and other “don’t mess with a man’s dog” stories, but with an absurdist edge that could only come from the mind of Kyle Starks. It’s a great follow-up to the work Gunn did with Peacemaker.

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