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Summer is just about here and with it comes the heat. Where I live the thermometer has already hit the 90s and it is common to be over 100°F. While you could stay indoors with the air conditioning running, what if you could take the air conditioner with you? That used to be a squirt bottle filled with ice water or a battery powered fan. However, now cooling technology has advanced so you can get a controllable cooling in a wearable device. One new product that can keep you cool is the TORRAS  COOLiFY 2S wearable neck air conditioner. 

What is the COOLiFY 2S?

The COOLiFY 2S the latest product by TORRAS. This U-shaped device fits around your neck and uses a combination of new cooling technology and fans to cool down your body even on hot days. It also has a heating mode to help warm you when it is cold. The COOLiFY 2S weighs under 1 pound or 410 grams. The sound of the fan ranges from 44dB to 55dB depending on the fan speed. It uses two high-efficiency semiconductor cooling plates to help cool you down up to 30°F or warm you up 50°F as compared to surroundings. In fact, the cooling plates get cold in just 1 second! Air is circulated using the HyperVortex air system with the cool air blowing up onto the face and sides of the head.  The COOLiFY 2S come in black or white and is now available from the TORRAS website, as well as from Amazon, and sells for $229. 

What’s in the Box?

The COOLiFY 2S includes the following:

  • COOLiFY 2S wearable neck air conditioner
  • Carrying Case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual
The case keeps the COOLiFY 2S protected and also holds the charging cable. Photo by Michael Knight.

How to Use the COOLiFY 2S

The COOLiFY 2S is simple to use. Place it around your neck from the back so the air vents are facing up and the charging port is facing down. Press the power button on the right side once to turn on the device. Pressing the power button again cycles through 3 different fan levels and then turns off the device. An LED display next to the power button shows the mode and fan level as well as the percentage of battery charge remaining. The mode button on the left side lets you switch between cooling and fan modes. The COOLiFY 2S can also be controlled by using the TORRAS app which can be downloaded for free from the App Store or the Google Play store. The app uses Bluetooth to connect to the device. You actually have more control over the COOLiFY 2S by using the app. While buttons on the device let you cycle through 3 levels of fan power, the app has a slider bar that lets you choose just the right amount. The app is also how you can activate and control the heating function. This mode does not use the fan. A slider bar lets you adjust the amount of heat you want on your neck. The app also features a timer which lets you set the device to turn off  after a period of time from 30 minutes to four hours in 30 minute intervals. 

The app provides greater control and has additional features than the buttons on the device. Photo by Michael Knight.

In order to charge the COOLiFY 2S, just connect the USB-C charging cable and plug it into a power supply. The device can fully charge in about 2.5 hours and can last up to 28 hours if just using the fan mode at low setting. When you are using the cooling mode, the device can last 3-5 hours depending on the fan speed. Heating mode lasts 4-6 hours. If you have a portable charger, the COOLiFY can also operate while charging, thus giving you some additional use. 

Why You Should Get the COOLiFY 2S

The veins and arteries that carry blood through the neck are fairly close to the skin. Therefore, applying cooling to the neck area can help cool down the entire body. In addition, blowing cool air on the face and head also provide a cooling sensation so a person feels cooler than the ambient temperature of their surroundings. When you feel cooler on a hot day, you don’t get as fatigued and can work or exercise longer. When I first heard about the COOLiFY 2S, I was a bit skeptical. Could it really be much of an improvement over just a fan? So when I first put it around my neck and turned it on, I was surprise how quickly the cooling plants turned cold and how comfortable the device is to wear. The two sides are connected by a flexible memory-like material that allows you to spread apart the side and even twist them, then returns to its original position. This helps keep the COOLiFY 2S up against the wearer’s neck, holding it in place, without feeling tight or constricting. In fact, I found that it stayed in position while I was walking or working in the yard. Even while jogging I did not have to hold on to it or adjust it. While there are some obvious uses for the COOLiFY 2S, such as exercise or being outside in the heat, you can also wear it while riding public transportation or flying on an airline–times where you do not always have control of the temperature. The sound and feel of the cool air can be quite soothing and make this great for taking a nap in a hammock or on a lounge chair. 

The air vents on top of the COOLiFY 2S blow cool air towards your face and head while the cooling plates directly cool your neck. Photo by Michael Knight.

I am very impressed by the COOLiFY 2S. My wife probably likes it even more than I do. When I first opened the box and tried it out, then let her try the device, I almost did not get it back. If you are in need of a personal cooling device that really works and will help keep you cool and comfortable while in warm environments, then I recommend the COOLiFY 2S by TORRAS. Get one for yourself as well as others in your family. This device also makes a great gift.

For more information or to purchase the COOLiFY 2S wearable neck air conditioner, check out the TORRAS website  or the TORRAS store on Amazon.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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