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As many readers know, I recently returned to the fold of playing Magic: The Gathering. Now that I am getting back into collectible card gaming, I knew I’d need a good way to store and transport my cards. So I thought I’d take a look at the offerings of one of the more popular card game accessory companies, Quiver Time.

Quiver Time was only too happy to help, and sent me… well, one of pretty much everything that they sell. But this isn’t going to be an in-depth look at Quiver Time’s whole product line. Instead, I’ll be focusing on what they’re best known for: their cases. All of the products you see here are available directly from Quiver Time or from the Quiver Time Amazon store.

A “small” assortment of Quiver Time products. Image by Paul Benson.

The Quiver Card Case

The Quiver Card Case is Quiver Time’s signature product, one that you’ve probably seen carried around by card game players at game stores and gaming conventions.

The Quiver Card Case, in Teal. Image by Paul Benson.

It comes with the following:


Everything that comes with the Quiver Card Case. Image by Paul Benson.

The case is made from water-resistant PU (polyurethane) leather, has a double zipper, and carries a 3-year warranty. With the acrylic card separators and velcro dividers, you can easily configure your Quiver Card Case to hold various combinations of cards and deck boxes. There’s also a zippered pocket in the lid that can hold rules inserts and tokens.

The Quiver Card Case has the following maximum capacity:

  • 1,350 unsleeved new cards OR
  • 770 sleeved new cards OR
  • 625 double-sleeved new cards OR
  • 8 Ultra Pro Deck Boxes OR
  • 6 Pro-Deck Boxes OR
  • 7 Legion Card Boxes + 30 sleeved cards OR
  • 3 Satin Tower Deck Boxes + 70 sleeved cards 
All packed up and ready to go. Image by Paul Benson.

The Quiver Card Case comes in multiple colors and is available for $54.99 at Quiver Time or Amazon. If you purchase multiple cases, there is also a quantity discount on the Quiver Time webstore.

The Bolt Card Case

The Bolt Card Case is a smaller version of the Quiver Card Case. It is manufactured from the same materials, available in the same colors, and features the same 3-year warranty.

The Quiver, and its smaller sibling, the Bolt. Image by Paul Benson.

The Bolt includes the following:


What you get with the Bolt. Image by Paul Benson.

As it’s smaller, the Bolt Card Case has a smaller carrying capacity:

  • 800 unsleeved new cards OR
  • 450 sleeved new cards OR
  • 330 double-sleeved new cards OR
  • 3 Quiver Time Standard Deck Blocks (100+)
  • 4 Quiver Time Standard Deck Blocks (80+)
A look at what the Bolt can hold. Image by Paul Benson.

The Bolt Card Case is available for $43.99 at Quiver Time or Amazon. As with the Quiver, there are quantity discounts available on the Quiver Time webstore.

Orion Playmat Tube

If you’re a collectible card game player, you probably own at least one neoprene playmat to give you a smooth (and artistic!) playing surface for your games.

One of my UltraPro playmats. Image by Paul Benson.

Quiver Time’s most recent release is the Orion Playmat Tube, for transporting your playmat to your local game store or friend’s house.

The Orion Playmat Tube with included a carrying strap. Image by Paul Benson.

The tube is soft PU leather, with a clear window so you can see which playmat you have inside. There’s an included carrying strap, which attaches to the carabiners at the back of the case.

The carabiner clips, for attaching a strap or clipping directly onto the Quiver Card Case. Image by Paul Benson.

Both the tube and its zipper are water-resistant. There’s also a hidden dice/token holder at the top of the tube.

The dice holder fits into the top of the Orion Playmat Tube. Image by Paul Benson.

The Orion Playmat Tube is available for $26.99 at Quiver Time or on Amazon. There’s also a quantity discount for purchasing multiples on the Quiver Time webstore. It currently comes in two colors: black and red.

Citadel Deck Block

The Citadel Deck Block is the premier way to transport your individual decks and tokens. The removable magnetic exterior is velvet-lined vegan leather. There’s an included acrylic divider that can also be used as a dry-erase scoreboard, and an elastic strap to keep the deck block secure.

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The Citadel Deck Block comes in several colors, and multiples of the Citadel will also fit inside both the Quiver Card Case and Bolt Card Case. It is available for $25.97 at both Quiver Time and on Amazon, with discounts for multiples available on the Quiver Time webstore.

Sleeves, Deck Blocks, and Top Loaders

Quiver Time also makes many basic card accessories for storage and transportation. The deck blocks are sturdy plastic and can be purchased in 80+ or 100+ sizes. The 80+ size holds up to 80 double-sleeved cards, 100 single-sleeved cards, or 120 unsleeved cards. Each deck block also comes with two plastic dividers and is available in several colors.

An 80+ deck block with matching sleeves. Image by Paul Benson.

You can purchase deck blocks with or without included matching matte sleeves. The sleeves have a good feeling to them and shuffle well. I did find the backs a touch slippier than I personally prefer, but if you use something like a Citadel Deck Block to hold your deck as you play, that eliminates the issue.

Playing with sleeved cards. Image by Paul Benson.

Sleeves are available in both clear and matte, and in both standard and Japanese card sizes. And finally, Quiver Time also makes top loaders in a number of different colors, for protecting your most valuable cards. The MSRP for all of these supplies are variable, and you can find them on the Quiver Time webstore or the Amazon Quiver Time store.

Final Thoughts

Back in the Stone Age (aka, when I first played Magic: The Gathering in the ’90s), we didn’t have much in the way of choices for how we’d take care of our cards. I remember going to the local baseball card shop and getting those cheap cardboard trading card storage boxes, and using those to both store and transport my cards. How things have changed!

Quiver Time provides solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and obviously designed with the player in mind. The Quiver and Bolt Card Cases are made to withstand the elements while keeping your cards and supplies organized and ready to play. I love that the cases come with both a shoulder strap and a wrist strap, giving you options for whichever is personally the most comfortable.

The attention to detail in everything that Quiver Time makes is apparent. Just take a look at what my girlfriend and I jokingly refer to as “the zipper condom.” The card cases come with these little branded neoprene sleeves on the metal zippers, to protect both the zippers and the cases themselves during transport.

The Quiver Time Zipper Condomβ„’. Image by Paul Benson.

If you’re looking for high-quality supplies for your card games, then I’d definitely recommend the products from Quiver Time. From the cases to the sleeves, they’ve created a whole quality ecosystem for protecting and transporting your cards.

For more information, head over to the Quiver Time webpage.

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