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The new Remote Controlled converting Optimus Prime from JADA Toys is the perfect way to bring Optimus to life in your home without breaking the bank

I am a huge Transformers fan and Optimus Prime has always been my favorite. When I was given the opportunity to check out a remote controlled Optimus, I couldn’t refuse.

The first thing that was obvious to see, was the packaging and how JADA Toys captured the nostalgia of the original ’80s toy packaging with the overall design of the box and the back artwork – straight from my first ever Transformers as a kid.

The remote control for Optimus has 2 buttons and two control pads. One button converts Optimus from truck to robot and back again – which also triggers the famous transforming sound automatically. The other button makes Optimus light up and randomly quote one of several of his famous sayings (though my favorite quote of his, “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings,” is lacking from those available). The left pad controls forward and backward movement, while the right pad controls left and right turns. And, yes, he can be moved forward and backward in both truck AND robot mode!

Check out this quick video I made of Optimus transforming, driving, and light and sound functionality!

The only real negative I need to mention is that while there is an on/off switch on Optimus himself, the controller does not have one. It’s not a major issue, but I like the peace of mind of knowing I have turned something off and am hopefully conserving battery. I’ve just been removing the batteries from the remote when not in use though and that works fine for us.

If you love Transformers, remote controlled toys, and are on a budget like me, you can’t beat the JADA Toys R/C Converting Optimus Prime.

Note: I was sent this Optimus Prime for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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