Review – Poison Ivy #7: The New Job

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Poison Ivy #7 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Poison Ivy #7 – G. Willow Wilson, Writer; Atagun Ilhan, Artist; Arif Prianto, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: This series was only originally supposed to be six issues, and it’s been renewed for a second go due to the positive fan reaction. That has led to a few minor hiccups, as last issue resolved the main plot of Ivy’s deranged stalker Jason Woodrue, put Ivy’s deadly fungal infection under control, and gave her back a little of the morality she seemed to have lost. So what’s up next? Instead of an indiscriminate genocide of humanity, Ivy’s back to her original MO of hunting down the worst polluters and corrupters of the environment out there and making them pay. Her target this issue? A powerful GMO farming firm that has taken over a small town, revitalized its economy—and poisoned its soil, resulting in a burst of monsters showing up and occasionally terrorizing the townspeople. Despite Ivy’s intervention, they don’t want her to destroy the farm—so she finds another way in via the gardening staff.

The watcher. Via DC Comics.

Ivy trying to infiltrate a company as a humble farmer is pretty funny, and this issue continues the series’ effective strategy of having her move around constantly, surrounding herself with a new supporting cast she never lets herself get attached to. What doesn’t work quite as well is the new villain, a powerful “girlboss” executive who oddly looks a lot like Punchline. Part of that is the guest artist, who has a smoother and more cartoony style than regular series artist Marcio Takara does. This is likely due to the sudden renewal of the series, but the overall story remains strong and I’m hoping we’ll get some interesting development for the villain next issue. She seems like a way to continue the threat of Woodrue, once her origin is hinted at. While there isn’t much time to explore her this issue, what we do get is a spectacularly weird last-page segment playing on the series’ love for body horror.

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