Review – Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #5: The New Multiverse

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Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 – Joshua Williamson, Writer; Daniel Sampere, Artist; Alejandro Sanchez, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: As we approach the last act of this event, things are falling into place for one hell of a final showdown—but surprisingly this issue feels like the ones before it, in terms of it being very character-focused. This is one of the most dialogue-driven event comics I’ve read, with the two main groups of heroes still split across the multiverse. While the Titans and the legacy heroes on Earth prepare for a final showdown against Deathstroke and the Legion of Doom, Black Adam’s fatalism clashes with Nightwing’s optimism. The return of Beast Boy, wounded by ready to fight, gives these forces a burst of energy, but they’re still massively outmanned as the evil army descends and a much bigger threat looms. The best parts of these segments are the small moments, hinting at future stories that will play out in the aftermath. I must say, though. I’m puzzled by how small a role Red Canary is playing so far.

Rebirth. Via DC Comics.

Then there’s the stories in the multiverse, which are much stronger. One thing that we were told in recent solicits is that every new multiversal story is in continuity—including hits like Dark Knights of Steel and DC Mech. They don’t appear yet, but we do get a closer look at some of the trap worlds created for the Justice League. Barry and Hal are able to finally snap Bruce out of his stupor and turn him back from the strange “Bat-knight” he’s become. But it’s Superman who provides the best moment of the issue, as his world is revisited and it becomes clear that he’s the first member of the crew to break free of his own—but he hasn’t used it to make his way home. Instead, he’s built himself into something else, something better and stronger, and now he’s ready to fight back. Pariah finally emerges into the main villain of the series by the end of the issue, and he’s been built up to such a level that these final two issues should deliver in epic fashion.

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