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What Is the NewAir Wine and Beverage Fridge (NWB076BS00)?

I’ve reviewed a few of these beverage fridges now and each one has had it’s own special features (I continue to enjoy the LED lights in the “Froster”). But this may be the king of the heap now. Read on for why I think so.

NewAir Wine and Beverage Fridge (NWB076BS00) – What’s in the Box?

What’s in the box?

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NewAir sent us one 24″ dual zone beverage refrigerator with adjustable shelves, and the product manual. What sets this one apart is that it’s basically two fridges in one. The left side is for cans and other things that can sit upright. The right side is for bottles (wine, beer, cider, soda, or whatever) to lie on their sides. The two sides are independently climate-controlled (you can set separate temperatures) and accessed via French doors.

How to Use the NewAir Wine and Beverage Fridge (NWB076BS00)

You can download a copy of the manual here.

Setup: The fridge is designed to work as either a free-standing appliance (we’ve put it in our Trader Sam’s-inspired lounge), or set into a built-in space in cabinetry in your kitchen or other family space.

The unit comes nearly ready to go. You have to unbox it, take out the protective foam padding, peel the glass protecting plastic off, and then install the door handles (you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver for this step). The standard 3-prong power cord is bundled in the back. Position the fridge wherever it’s going, use the adjustable feet to make sure it’s sitting flat and level, then plug it in.

Close up with the lights on.

Use: The illuminated LCD control panels are bright and easy to read.

Since there are two climate zones, you  have two control panels to set. The left side is built for canned beverages and can be set for temperatures from 36 to 72 degrees F. The right side is for wine and ranges from 41 to 72 degrees F. Pick the optimal temperature for your favorite beverages – maybe you like your white wine as cold as possible but your tastes in beer lean towards the English mode of warmer offerings. You have the ability to choose. There’s also very cool electric blue LED lighting you can turn on or off.

Capacity – how much can you pack in?

The left side can hold up to 53 standard cans and the right side will take up to 13 standard bottles. However, the shelves are removable so you can accommodate other sizes as needed.

Why You Should Get the NewAir Wine and Beverage Fridge (NWB076BS00)

What I like about the fridge:

This fridge is really a luxury item that will keep everyone happy. The dual climate zones make it two fridges in one and allow for pleasing everyone’s tastes. Plus, it just looks classy! While it’s designed to be incorporated into cabinetry under a kitchen counter, it still looks great as a stand-along fridge as well. As with the other models in this line, the control panels are conveniently located, bright, and easy to read. It also runs very quiet, so keeping out in a room like we do is not a problem.

What could be better:

I’ve raised this issue on other devices as well, so it’s more of a general complaint about the state of the industry than this specific unit: The stainless-steel front really isn’t stainless. It picked up fingerprints pretty easily when we took it out of the box and were installing the door handles.

The fridge at home in our bar.

The final verdict:

This fridge is the next level in class and function for beverage coolers. Its quiet operation makes it great for a media room or other social spaces where it won’t bother anyone. The ability to customize the temperature on each side will make all the beer and wine geeks extra happy. This would make a very special holiday gift for the family game room!

The NewAir Wine and Beverage Fridge (NWB076BS00) is available now from NewAir for $1,350, and if you use special code GEEKDAD10 you’ll get 10% off. Thanks to NewAir for sending this unit for review; review opinions are my own.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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