The Soocas X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush and W1 Water Flosser Help Keep Your Mouth Healthy

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Oral care is an important part of daily hygiene. Not only can taking good care of your teeth and gums save you from painful and expensive dental problems, it can also contribute to overall good health. For most of my life, I have used a normal toothbrush which is now considered a manual toothbrush. However, a few years ago my dental hygienist recommended I switch to an electric toothbrush. As I began to shop for one, I came to realize, there are many different brands and types available. Since that time, I have tried several different ones. Some had unique features I liked while others did the job with nothing fancy. As some of my children have had braces and orthodontic treatments, our family has purchased water flossers to help clean the areas around their braces. However, most had a large tank that took up space on the bathroom counter and were not easy to take with us as we traveled. To help people have healthy teeth, gums, and mouths, Soocas has introduced their X3U sonic electric toothbrush and W1 portable water flosser. 

What Are the X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush and W1 Water Flosser?

The X3U sonic toothbrush is an electric toothbrush that vibrates 39,600 times per minute, which helps clean between teeth and along the gum line as well as remove plaque much more effectively than traditional toothbrushing. The W1 water flosser can put out 1,300 water pulses per minute in a cordless, portable device which helps clean between teeth and along the gums to remove particles toothbrushes can miss. Both products are designed and produced by Soocas, a company founded in 2015 by Even Meng and Fan Di Meng, that focuses on research and development of personal care products. They focus on innovative technologies the help improve the standard of living of their customers. Soocas has been granted over 320 technology patents. 

The X3U sonic toothbrush is currently available directly from the Soocas website. It comes in white, pink, or black and sells for $49.99. There is currently a 30% discount so you can get it for a limited time for only $34.99. The W1 water flosser can also be purchased at their website. It comes only in white and normally sells for $72.99. However is is also on sale for 41% off which drops the price down to $42.99.

Product Components and Specs

The X3U sonic electric toothbrush comes with the following:

  • 1 sonic toothbrush
  • 3 bush heads (standard, soft, and polishing)
  • 1 USB-C charging cable
  • 1 travel case
  • User manual

The X3U features a power button that not only turns on the device, but also lets you select from four different cleaning mode. The removable brush heads have DuPont soft bristles with non-metal implants that help protect your gums. The included charging cable, which plugs into the bottom of the toothbrush, will full charge the toothbrush within four hours, providing the toothbrush with enough power to last 30 days under normal usage. The X3U is IPX7 waterproof rated, so you can use it in the shower or rinse off the device. Just be sure the cover over the charging port is closed and secure. 

The toothbrush comes with a case which can carry two of the brush heads with you when you travel. Image by Michael Knight.

The W1 portable water flosser includes:

  • 1 water flosser
  • 4 flosser nozzles (standard, periodontal pocket, orthodontic, tongue scraper)
  • 1 USB-C charging cable
  • 1 nozzles storage bag
  • User manual

The W1 has a power button to turn the device on and off as well as a mode selection button that lets you cycle through four cleaning modes with pulses ranging from 60 to 120 PSI. Four different nozzles are included for different uses along with a storage bag to keep them clean. It can also get a 90-day charge using its included charging cable in only 4 hours. The W1 is also IPX7 waterproof rated. 

water flosser
Here is what you get in the box. Image by Michael Knight.

How to Use the X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush and W1 Water Flosser

Both of these devices are easy to use. In order to operate the X3U sonic electric toothbrush, just apply some of your toothpaste to the brush and then when the brush head is in your mouth, press the button to begin. Subsequent presses cycles through the four cleaning modes: cleaning, sensitive, gentle, and whitening. The toothbrush will run for a two-minute cycle before shutting off. Every 30 seconds, the vibrations will stop for a fraction of a second to break the cycle into four segments to help remind you to move on to a different quadrant or brushing zone in your mouth. When starting the toothbrush, the vibrations gradually increase over 5 seconds to prevent toothpaste from flying everywhere and making a mess. A facial cleansing brush is also included with ultra soft silicone bristles for removing dirt or grease from the face while also relaxing tension in the facial muscles. 

Before using the W1 water flosser, extend the water tank down from the motor housing. There is a hatch on the side of the water tank near the bottom. Open it and fill the tank with water. Then close the hatch and turn the flosser upright. Insert a nozzle into the opening at the top of the flosser and you are ready to go. Please the tip of the nozzle in your mouth and then press the power button to start the water flosser. Press the mode button to cycle through the four different cleaning modes: gentle, standard, gum, and pulse. When you begin using the W1, it is recommended you use the periodontal nozzle with the gentle mode for about a week until your gums get used to it. The water tank holds enough water for a typical 2-minute cleaning session. 

water tank
The water tank of the flosser is easy to fill. Image courtesy of Soocas.

Why You Should Get the X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush and W1 Water Flosser

While I have used several different electric toothbrushes, I like that the X3U is simple and effective. There is just one button to press and I can cycle through different modes of intensity easily. It also remembers the mode I used last, so I really only have to press the button once to get started. I also like the 30-second reminders to keep my focused so I brush everywhere during the 2-minute cycle. While there are electric toothbrushes on the market with more settings and other fancy features, they also have a much higher price tag. However, for my daily brushing needs, I really don’t need those other features. Plus, I don’t want to take an expensive toothbrush with me while I travel. The suggested retail price of the X3U sonic electric toothbrush is a good value. However, with the current promotion, it is a great deal for what you get. 

Using the W1 water flosser was a new experience for me. A few of my children have used water flossers, but I have not on a regular basis. I found the W1 easy to use. I recommend following the manufacture suggestions on using the periodontal nozzle and gentle mode for those new to water flossers. I like how the tank is built right into the device and when not in use, slides up around the motor housing so the flosser is compact and perfect for taking with you while traveling. The water tank can easily be removed for cleaning as well. The four different nozzles allow you to use the W1 for specific needs and they keep the water pulses concentrated at at 0.66mm precise water flow for better cleaning. The orthodontic nozzle has bristles on the end of the nozzle so you can gently brush against braces to remove particles which can otherwise cause irritation. Plus the tongue scraper is a great way to clean your tongue and remove bacteria that can cause bad breath.

flosser nozzles
The four nozzles each have their own purpose. Image courtesy of Soocas.

Soocas is a newer company to the west. For the past seven years since it was founded, they focused their marketing and sales to Asia. Therefore I was excited to learn about this new company and their brand of products. I am impressed by the quality of their products as well as the simplicity of their operations. There is no need to download an app. I also like how the products come ready to take with you as you travel. The X3U toothbrush has its own carrying case and the W1 water flosser has a bag to carry the nozzles. If you are looking for a quality toothbrush and/or a water flosser that work great and not break your budget, then I recommend both the X3U sonic electric toothbrush and the W1 portable water flosser by Soocas. 

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of these items for review purposes.

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