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The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country #6 variant cover,via DC Comics.

The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country #6 – James Tynion IV, Writer; Maria Llovet, Artist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: For something completely different, James Tynion IV is joined on this issue by noted indie artist Maria Llovet. Usually known for writing and drawing her own books, she’s a creator whose works are often charged with sex, passion, and horrifying visuals and concepts. That makes her a good fit for this often surreal book. Last issue upended the entire concept of this series, as we saw Madison Flynn be brutally murdered and resurrected by Dream—and paired with the Corinthian, whose strange redemption arc was finally explained. But none of those characters appear here in any major way. Instead, we focus on Jamie, a callow young writer struggling to make it in Hollywood. Seeking a job, any job, he’s picked up by a shady outlet run by Robert Teague who wants him as the writer on their next project—a horror movie based on the mysterious death of Madison Flynn, produced by her surviving frenemy Robert.

Who tells your story? Via DC Comics.

Naturally, going anywhere near this is a terrible idea—but that doesn’t stop Jamie. He finds some companionship in a mysterious woman named Lamia. While everyone else he meets is oddly cold, she seems to be filled with compassion and urges him to think more about what Madison would want for her story. When he shows up at her apartment, what was billed as a seance turns into something very different—and Jamie’s story starts to fit into a larger picture in a big way. This is a story that doesn’t seem to have too much to do with the main narrative at first glance, but it all comes into focus brilliantly by the end. Not only does it introduce a major antagonist back into the story, but it nicely sets up an upcoming spin-off. This book has kept us guessing from the start, making clear that everyone is up for grabs and no one is safe, and this unique issue only adds to the suspense as we head into act two.

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