Review – DC vs. Vampires #9: Undead of the Seas

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DC vs. Vampires #9 cover, via DC Comics.

DC vs. Vampires #9 – Matthew Rosenberg/James Tynion IV, Writers; Otto Schmidt, Artist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: This series has successfully managed to come out of the shadows of the megahit DCeased, despite both being focused on turning famous DC characters into horror villains. The main difference is that this book doesn’t turn them into generic slobbering monsters—it turns them into serial killer cult members who wear your loved one’s face and prey upon your trust in them. It adds a whole new sense of horror to the whole thing that works very well. This issue shows us where Green Arrow has been, and it’s genuinely impressive. He’s turned into a one-man vampire killing machine, hunting down prominent members of the turned and working his way to the castle of Dick Grayson, the Vampire King. Along the way he fights a massive figure who’s one of the most deep-cut references in this book, as well as encounters Grifter as an agent within the blood farms run by the vampires.

Agents of the enemy. Via DC Comics.

But the most interesting part of the issue is definitely the mission to get Supergirl to the safe zone where she can recharge. The unlikely team of Steel and Black Manta has been leading the mission, and it seems they’re in the clear—until they’re ambushed by a fleet of Atlantean vampires led by a turned Aquaman. The identity of Black Manta, who has seemed significantly more honorable than the character usually is, is definitely the most dramatic moment of the issue and one of the best reveals of the series. With only three issues to go and three different squads of heroes trying to survive, it’s hard to see how the creative team can wrap this all up by then—unless this is only act one just like DCeased was. With some huge new twists coming for the DC multiverse in the coming months, I could see this twisted vampire world becoming one writers get to play in for a long time.

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