Review – Dark Crisis: Young Justice #4: Group Therapy

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #4 cover, via DC Comics.

Dark Crisis: Young Justice #4 – Meghan Fitzmartin, Writer; Laura Braga, Artist; Luis Guerrero, Hi-Fi, Colorists

Ray – 8/10

Ray: For the first few issues of this series, I was wondering if more was going on than it appeared. Why did all the Young Justice members seem to be so caustic with each other? Were they even all who they claimed to be? This issue makes things a little clearer, as there doesn’t seem to be anything supernatural going on—instead, this is the culmination of close to twenty years of trauma for our main characters. In the fantasy world, while Tim and Bart are trying to get free, Conner has come around to the idea that they might be better off staying her. This devolves into a massive argument about what happened when Conner was dead, with Tim feeling like Conner never acknowledged his pain, Conner feeling like Tim is making it about him and Bart being left out once again. I’ll say that once again Tim and Conner feel like bickering exes, while I would like to see a bit more focus for Bart.

Face-off with the 90s. Via DC Comics.

Cassie and Cissie’s part of the story is no less emotional. We’ve seen Cissie lashing out at Young Justice for much of the comic, with some of her dialogue feeling a bit out of character. This issue finally lets Cassie have her say, hinting at how isolated she felt once Cissie left the team. These two have had the most underrated friendship over the course of the original run, which made the animosity between them ring a bit false. This issue goes a long way towards making the emotional responses make a lot more sense, and it was great to see Red Tornado step back into the mentor role and mediate while the girls battle some giant space fleas. It makes sense in context. The end of the issue finally reveals our big bad, and some of his dialogue just feels a little too on-the-nose. This is a much-needed follow-up for the characters, but I’m hoping they can grow from it and spin out into a regular series.

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