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Pair Eyewear is one of the latest eyewear websites to hit the style scene. They offer a variety of frames and “tops” that let you change the color/pattern of your frames with a top cover that attaches via hidden magnets. Their latest offering includes Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation line and the Halloween collection. 20% of the profits from the Born This Way collection will go to benefit the foundation whose purpose is to raise awareness for youth mental health.

What I’m Expecting From My Pair Eyewear Experience?

I learned about Pair Eyewear on TikTok—come to think of it, that’s how I’m finding a lot of cool new stuff these days—through some of my favorite creators. @MammaCusses has some several videos swapping out her frames for the holidays or events.

I hoped to find something that would suit my style and let me expand my horizons in expressing myself.

What Do They Offer?

Pair Eyewear currently offers its base frames for $60, including basic RX lenses. The cost can go up depending on if you require any special treatments for the lenses. Special treatments include blue light filtering, progressive, light responsive (aka transitions), and sun lens.

Tops can be cosmetic (fun colors or styles) or functional (sunglasses). They have a nice array of collaborations including Lady Gaga, Van Gogh, DC, Marvel, Sesame Street, and more. (I’m hoping for a Disney collaboration down the line.)

Each pair is backed with a 30-day risk-free trial, free standard shipping, free returns, and FSA & HSA eligibility or you can get insurance reimbursement.

What Do You Get With Your Order?

Each order comes with a special case that holds your frame plus one top. I found I can keep more than one top in the case, but I wouldn’t store more than two. You also get an eyeglass cloth.

I went with the Finley frames in clear and a couple of fun colors to top by frames with and have plans to grab the sunglasses top later: the Be Kind and the Blue Storm tops (the Blue Storm was part of a limited offering).

Side note: When you become an adult, you find yourself keeping boxes because they are deemed “good” and possibly useful later on. The box that the Pair Eyewear glasses come in is one such box.

Initial Thoughts

The frames by themselves are quite comfortable and I didn’t have any issue getting used to them. When I put a top on, though, it felt a bit different. Not surprising because it does add a very minimal thickness to the frame that you are looking out of. It took a little getting used to, but not much.

I like how light the tops are, and they don’t add any weight to the frames. They are rather thin, so I would make sure to get a holder for any that you are not wearing. You can purchase a wall hanger on Pair’s website. The current holder they have holds four tops.

Likes and Dislikes

I love the variety of colors and styles. I noticed that they do collections based on the time of year and holidays. The frames are good quality and feel sturdy. The tops and sun tops come in a range of colors and styles that appeal to all genders.

My only issue is that Starry Night is not included in the Van Gogh series. I know that the MOMA has the rights to that one, so I’m pretty sure that is what happened there. Bummer.

Final Thoughts

Pair Eyewear is a fun option for those that like to swap out their look with minimal effort. You can get frames with or without an Rx to have fun with the various colors and patterns available. I think it would be cool in the future for them to offer a blank top so people can design their own. I could see people uploading a photo/pattern of their own to wear.

Base frames are $60 and include Rx lenses with upgrades available for the lenses. Tops are generally $25 and vary from always in stock to limited releases. Keep an eye on their website to watch for previously retired styles that are re-released for a limited time.

Disclaimer: GeekDad was given a review sample.

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