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Keeping a home clean can be difficult, especially when you have children and pets. Between our dogs and teenagers, we need to vacuum the floors every day to remove what they track in, shed, drop, or spill. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to do this along with all of our other jobs and tasks and we can’t afford a full-time maid or cleaning service. Therefore, something that can clean our floors on its own is just what we need, and the AIRROBO Robot Vacuum P20 can fill that role. 

What Is the AIRROBO Robot Vacuum P20?

AIRROBO has just released a new robot vacuum cleaner, the P20. AIRROBO is a smart home appliance brand that not only produces robot vacuums but also air purifiers and ultrasonic humidifiers. Supported by world-leading AI and humanoid robotic company, UBTECH Robotics, AIRROBO’s goal is to bring the most cutting-edge technology to more and more households around the globe, making the smart home a new norm of life. The Robot Vacuum P20 is the latest in their line and builds on their previous models with an emphasis on simplicity and affordability. It also features the most powerful suction of their robot vacuums at 2800 Pa. 

The AIRROBO Robot Vacuum P20 sells for $199. AIRROBO is offering a release special of just $129.99 at their site.  However, for GeekDad readers, they have provided a code for an additional discount. Use code p20promo at their site to save a total of 40% on your purchase from 9/29/22 to 10/16/22. That reduces the price to only $119.99! The AIRROBO Robot Vacuum P20 is also available from the AIRROBO store on Amazon. It sells there for $179.99. However, you can also use the code p20promo during the same promotional period on Amazon, which drops this great product down to only $119.99 on that site as well.

under furniture
With its low height, the P20 can clean under furniture. Image courtesy of AIRROBO.

What’s in the Box?

The AIRROBO Robot Vacuum P20 includes the following:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Charging station
  • Main brush and main brush cover
  • 600mL Dustbin
  • Cleaning brush
  • Remote control
  • HEPA filter
  • 2 Extra side brushes
  • User manual

How to Use the AIRROBO Robot Vacuum P20

The P20 can be set up for use within just a few minutes of taking it out of the box. Follow the directions in the user manual to attach the two side brushes, and then select a location for the charging station with about 4 feet of open space in front of it and about 1.5 feet to either side. After plugging in the charging station, I placed the robot vacuum cleaner on the floor nearby and pressed the home symbol on the button on top and it maneuvered itself to the charging station to begin charging. It is recommended that you allow the robot to charge completely before its first use or about four hours. While it was charging, I downloaded the AIRROBO app onto my smartphone. A QR code in the user manual took me to a website that then took me to the app store where I was able to find the app. It is available for both iOS and Android. The app walks you through the process of connecting to the P20 as well as to your home Wi-Fi so you can operate the robot vacuum even when you are away from home. 

The AIRROBO app makes using the P20 easy. Image courtesy of AIRROBO.

After letting the P20 fully charge, I gave it a test. I opened the app and selected the Auto button and the robot vacuum pulled away from the charging station and began cleaning the floor. It continued until it had covered the entire area it could reach and then returned to the charging station on its own to recharge. The app also lets you choose from three other cleaning modes. Edge mode will send the P20 to follow the perimeter of the room or area and just clean the edges. Spot mode will start in a location you select and clean back and forth in a square pattern around the spot you select. Finally, Spiral functions similarly to Spot. Once you position the robot vacuum, it will then begin to clean in a circular spiral out from the spot. The app lets you customize the cleaning speed with two options, meticulous clean or quick clean, and lets you set a suction level between powerful, standard, and quiet. You can also keep track of the life remaining for the P20’s filter, side bushes, and main brush through the app. 

A remote controller is also included which can be used instead of a phone app to drive the robot vacuum cleaner around as it cleans. The remote lets you adjust the suction level and has a spot clean button which when pressed will command the robot vacuum to clean an area around its current location. Therefore, you could drive it to the center of an area in need of cleaning and then have it clean up on its own. It is important to remember to keep the remote pointed at the robot vacuum cleaner while controlling it. 

While you can activate the robot vacuum cleaner whenever you need it, the app also lets you set a schedule. You can select which time to start, which days you want it to repeat, the suction power, and whether you want it to operate in auto or edge mode. This feature is a great way to ensure your floors are cleaned regularly without you having to consciously think about it. You may even want to schedule it to clean while you are out so you can come home to clean floors. 

The P20 returns to and docks at the charging station when cleaning is complete. Image courtesy of AIRROBO.

Why Should You Get the AIRROBO Robot Vacuum P20

The P20 is very easy to use and does a great job. Some robot vacuums follow a random pattern while they clean and can miss some areas. The P20 instead vacuums back and forth in overlapping rows so that every part of the floor gets cleaned. The robot vacuum has IR sensors that allow it to detect obstacles in its way and advanced algorithms to avoid those obstacles. I actually enjoy watching it work its way around furniture and solve how to maneuver through chair or table legs as it cleans. Plus, since it is only 78mm high, it can move under some furniture to clean where other vacuums cannot go. It also has cliff sensors on the bottom front to detect drops such as stairs to prevent the P20 from falling. 

crossing threshold
The P20 can cross over thresholds and keep going. Image courtesy of AIRROBO.

While the P20 can maneuver around to cover every part of a room or area, it also has the power to clean. The unit uses AIRROBO’s Scraper technology which features a scraper strip that raises and lowers the roller brush assembly located in the center so it adapts to changing floor types and ensures the roller brush stays close to the floor to get all of the dust. The two side brushes help clean edges. There are three different suction levels: quiet, standard, and powerful with ranges varying from 800 Pa to 2000 Pa. Spot and Spiral cleaning modes use a max suction level of 2800 Pa. The P20 has a cleaning efficiency of 99.2% due to its high suction power and new Scraper technology. This is one of the highest cleaning efficiency ratings for robot vacuums under $200. On quiet mode, the P20 runs at only 53 dB while the powerful mode is up to 65 dB. The runtime varies depending on the type of floor and suction level. This can be up to 164 minutes for hard-surface floors on quiet mode to 75 min for long-pile carpets on powerful mode. It has no problem moving from a hard surface floor up to a carpet and can handle a barrier of up to 20mm high. 

I have had the opportunity to test out the AIRROBO robot vacuum P20 for a few weeks and am impressed with it. Of course, I was not surprised. I have used their higher-end robot vacuum, the T10+ as well as their AR400 air purifier and HU450 ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. All of AIRROBO’s products are innovative and work extremely well. I like how easy it is to get the P20 up and running. The app works great and all you have to do is select the cleaning mode and it will do the rest. The 600 mL dustbin is large enough to clean large areas before getting full and it is easy to empty while the robot vacuum is charging. The included cleaning brush also features a guarded blade for cutting strings and fibers that can get wrapped around the roller brush. I recommend the AIRROBO robot vacuum P20 for those with pets and/or children as well as those who just want to keep their floors clean and not have to vacuum manually all the time. It is hard to beat the quality of the product as well as its cleaning efficiency for the price—especially if you take advantage of their current special discounts. 

For more information on the AIRROBO robot vacuum P20, visit their website or the AIRROBO store on Amazon and use code p20promo on either site to save 40% and get the P20 for only $119.99 for a limited time.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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