Quick Hits: Grey Clouds and Star Wars Songs

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While the entire planet underwent the turmoil from a global pandemic, Australian children’s artist Benny Time faced a tough diagnosis of the rare auto immune disease Primary Schlerosing Cholangitis (PSC) in 2019 (which prevents the bile ducts from processing waste). Living with a chronic illness and feeling extremely vulnerable motivated Benny to reach out to New Zealand performer Claudia Robin Gunn. Their new song, “Little Grey Cloud,” features the gospel harmonies of the East Coast Inspirational Singers (USA).
Everyone sometimes feels like a little grey cloud hangs over their heads. Benny puts words and music to the concept, turning the cloud into a sentient being that creates rain when it’s sad. Since, of course, “All clouds must cry sometimes,” it must be okay for human beings to do the same. “Little Grey Cloud” is a wistful duet with sweeping harmonies. Come for a listen on a gloomy day or when you need to be uplifted, into the sky.
You can stream “Little Grey Cloud” on Benny’s website, Amazon, and Spotify
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I could not have imagined, decades ago, that “Star Wars Day” would be a thing. I was starting my job as movie theater usher. My first day on the job was opening day for Return of the Jedi on Wednesday, May 25, 1983. Schools were open but students snuck out to see the first screening at 12:30 PM. 

Now, May 4 (“May the Fourth Be With You”) is an informal international geek-a-thon of all things Star Wars. To celebrate, Minnesota kids musicians Todd ‘n’ Tina have released a video of a live performance of their song, “If Darth Vader Had an iPhone.” It’s a mediation of the various forms of social media, which does not seem to have pervaded the Galactic Republic. Hmm… maybe that’s one thing the Empire got right. Oh – and to add to the fun, Todd ‘n’ Tina have included a new verse…in Wookiee and Droid. Talk about being all-inclusive!

Here is the video for “If Darth Vader Had an iPhone”:

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