Review – Rogues #2: Escape to Gorilla City

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Rogues #2 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Rogues #2 – Joshua Williamson, Writer; Leomacs, Artist; Matheus Lopes, Jason Wordie, Colorists

Ray – 9.5/10

Ray: After a strong first issue that set up the status quo of the Rogues being older, demoralized, and broken up after losing one of their members, Joshua Williamson and Leomacs hit the gas pedal and this second issue takes off like a rocket. The plot to rob Gorilla City might seem like a suicide mission, but the Rogues being back together is enough to stress out everyone who knows about it—including Cameron Chase, in the introduction. But if the Rogues are supposed to be some sort of unbeatable criminal gang, they don’t look much like it. Their initial arrival in an obscure African country is a mess, with the group getting scammed repeatedly and winding up with a boat that can’t sail. New additions Bronze Tiger and Magenta display some more competence than the original “family,” but it’s offset by Trickster being a massive troll and Mirror Master barely being all there in the head.

The big scam. Via DC Comics.

But as good as the character work is, this issue doesn’t really take off until the characters reach Gorilla City. Now portrayed as an advanced city run by Grodd (who resembles a mob boss much more than a mad Gorilla dictator here) with a gorilla ruling class and an underclass of human serfs, it’s a fascinating look into a corner of the DCU we rarely see in-depth. The involvement of Sam from Angel and the Ape last issue turns out to have a reason this issue, as the Gorilla detective has come home to his city and can’t turn off his investigative instincts. Some disturbing uses of Grodd’s power indicate the monster is still very much there, and some reveals about his personal life since his takeover raise the stakes nicely. The Rogues are dirtbags, but Williamson does a fantastic job of making them sympathetic, if not likable (with the exception of Trickster, who’s just a dirtbag). This is a classic heist thriller with some fantastic DC twists, and it’s shaping up as one of the best Black Label books.

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