Marvel Crisis Protocool: Episode 2

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Hello, Marvel fans! Today we’re back with Marvel Crisis Protocool: Episode 2. For this game, each of us has drafted one new fighter. This means there are now 6 models in each roster, which will offer more squad-building options as we head into battle number two. 

Robin chose Ms. Marvel. Mainly because the character is a great addition to the Marvel pantheon; one that tends to be overlooked. The fact that there is a new TV series coming may also have influenced his decision. Pete has brought Colussos into the fray, primarily, I think because Colussos has a card that enables him to pick up and throw Wovlerine! 

The Story so Far. 

The Skrulls are attempting to infiltrate society, placing their agents in positions of power across the globe. In the first game, the heroes were attempting to find an important US politician, but to no avail. The Skrulls were successful in keeping the identity of their mole under wraps, but the heroes did manage to steal some Skrull Super-Serum. Perhaps they can reverse engineer it to undo its effects? At the very least, the Skrulls will now find it more difficult to impersonate Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

The two forces are moving against each other again. With their reserves of super-serum running low, Skrull agents are starting to revert back to their normal selves. Can the heroes find and capture them, before Skrull forces can get them to safety?

Watch on to Find Our More!

In this battle, once again, we’re doing a blind draw as to which of us is playing the Skrulls. I really like this twist. It means neither of us are “good” or “bad,” we’re just having a fun game, with the narrative evolving in an unexpected fashion. We don’t find out whether we were the Skrulls or the heroes until after the battle. 

We picked “Riots Spark Over Extremis 3” and “Panic Grips City As Evacuation Efforts Continue!” as crisis cards. The latter offers an interesting tactical consideration, as we had to decide whether to spend 6 valuable power in order to grab 2 victory points and prevent the rescued civilian from being swiped back by the opposing team. 

Crisis Protocool Episode 2

Once again we used a tabletop that mostly consisted of LEGO buildings. An important part of Marvel Crisis Protocool! Lego+Marvel = Ultra Cool! 

Watch on to see if the heroes can peg back the Skrulls or will the pesky imposters be able to push their advantage? This episode includes a classic tussle on top of a New York brownstone as Sabretooth and Wolverine team up to tear down the incredible She-Hulk. The battle is titanic, amusing, and entirely cool! 




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