Review – Wonder Woman #785: Knockin’ At Doom’s Door

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Wonder Woman #785 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Wonder Woman #785 – Becky Cloonan/Michael W. Conrad, Jordie Bellaire, Writers; Rosi Kampe, Paulina Ganucheau, Artists; Tamra Bonvillain, Kendall Goode, Colorists

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: Trial of the Amazons continues in this third chapter, as the Amazons’ rage over Hippolyta’s mysterious death reaches critical mass. Diana wants answers, even going so far as to plan to use the lasso of truth on her sisters one by one. She’s talked out of it by Nubia, but scenes with her alone make clear she’s really only been delayed, not deterred. This creates a major sense of tension as the preparations for the tournament begin—with each clan seeking the ideal champion to represent their tribe. The Esquecida’s choice is easy, picking their newest warrior Yara Flor. While Artemis wants to represent her adopted tribe, they ultimate decide to go with Donna Troy—in a twist that really hasn’t been fully explained.

Darkness awaits. Via DC Comics.

That leaves the Themyscirans, whose eventual choice is a surprise. But while the buildup to the tournament is strong, something much more dangerous is brewing in the background. Something is moving behind Doom’s Door—and when it gets out, it leads to deadly consequences for the Amazons guarding it. At the same time, Diana gets a mysterious visit that calcifies the decisions she’s making—and leads to a radical move at the end of the issue. The mystery villain lurking in the background seems to be waiting to make their move, but overall this story is pretty compelling. As big a role as the tournament has played in Wonder Woman’s mythology, it’s interesting that this is only the second time it’s happened.

The Young Diana series by Bellaire and Ganucheau returns this issue as well, and it’s a fitting choice that this arc seems to be focusing more directly on Diana and Hippolyta’s bond. The Queen has decided to take her daughter’s training more directly into her hands, and that leads to a mission of diplomacy involving the Amazons’ agricultural specialist. While Hippolyta means well, Bellaire also seems to be having some fun with the idea of a royal assuming she can handle the groundwork of running a kingdom, and Goode’s art is stunning as always. Good to have this story back.

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