Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News for the Week Ending March 4, 2022

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Here is the board game (and board game-related!) news that caught our attention for the week ending March 4, 2022.

Gaming News

  • As with most of the rest of the world, we here at GeekDad have been following the tragic situation in Ukraine with heavy hearts. Our thoughts go out to all of those impacted.
  • Many publishers have taken action in support of Ukraine. Stonemaier Games said in a blog post that they “stand in unity with Ukraine” and have cut off all economic ties with Russian localization partners, resulting in the company having to halt production on “multiple” unnamed products. They say that the decision will cost the company between $30,000 and $65,000, but said that “is nothing compared to the horrors faced by the citizens of Ukraine.” Stonemaier has also written off any payments owed to them by Ukrainian partners. They are also donating over $10,000 to support emergency humanitarian aid—the amount the company says it made in profit from a game that recently shipped from one of the localization partners in Russia. Meanwhile, Polish-based Portal Games is donating $10,000 from the sale of Polish editions of Mysterium, a game designed by Ukrainians Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko, and some of the profits from the sales of Polish editions of Skytopia, a game designed by Russian publisher Cosmodrome Games. They have also introduced ways that backers of their ongoing Gamefound campaign to contribute the humanitarian aid.
  • Ukrainian tabletop publishers themselves have reached out to the gaming community asking for aid and support as well. Desktop Games, the distributor of Arkham Horror, Star Wars: X-Wing, and other Fantasy Flight games, is based in Kyiv. The company is urging supporters to donate blood and contribute financial aid to the Ukrainian special forces. Another Ukrainian publisher, Bombat Games, made a similar plea for donations to the Ukrainian army. Geekach, another localization company in Kyiv that has been responsible for local editions of Scythe, War of the Ring, and Marvel United, posted messages of support on its Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • The As d’Or awards have announced their winners, with 7 Wonders Architects claiming Game of the Year and GeekDad’s 2021 Game of the Year Dune: Imperium winning in the “Expert” category. The Children’s game went to Bubble Stories, and the new “Insider” category was won by Living Forest.
  • While dozens of titles currently exist in the Carcassonne series, publisher Hans im Glück has announced the development of Mist Over Carcassonne, which for the first time introduces a cooperative mode into the game, with players attempting to appease spirits. The game can either be played as a stand-alone title or integrated into other sets as an expansion. It is due in European stores in the fourth quarter of this year, but as of now, no English edition has been announced.
  • The Op has announced Avatar: The Last Airbender Fire Nation Rising, a new title in their Rising series based on the popular animated series. The game is due out this summer.
  • AEG has released Mystic Vale: Essential Edition, a collection of the base game and first three expansions. It should be available in stores by the time you read this.
  • Hasbro is working on a third edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill. The game will be available mid-summer but can be pre-ordered now.
  • Ares has announced a partnership with Xplored, the makers of tabletop gaming platform Teburu, to bring Sword and Sorcery to the digital platform. 
  • On a completely personal note, last week was the seventh anniversary of my first post on GeekDad. Thanks to everyone at GeekDad for letting me be a part of this wonderful group, thanks to all of the readers who keep checking back every week, and thanks to all of the great publishers and designers who keep making these awesome games. Here’s to many more years. 

GeekDad & GeekMom Reviews

Here’s what we reviewed this week:

What We’re Playing

Finally, here’s what the GeekDads and GeekMoms played this week:

  • Sarah Pinault played Minecraft: Builders and Biomes, Scrabble, Upwords, Winter Carcassonne, and Exploding Kittens.

  • Michael Pistiolas played Aeon’s End: Outcasts.

  • Jonathan Liu played Fire for Light, Gen7, Ghost Castle, and Tales From the Loop: The Board Game.

  • Robin Brooks played Lord of the Rings LCG, The Adventures of Robin Hood, and Tumble Tree.

  • Paul Benson played Super Skill Pinball 4Cade, Caper: Europe, and Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

  • Michael Knight played Tiny Epic Dungeons, Bequest, and Undaunted: Normandy.

  • I played Mountains Out of Molehills, our featured image this week.
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