Observe Both Near and Far With the Celestron Regal ED 10x42mm Roof Binoculars

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I wasn’t really looking for a pair of binoculars to review. But when I was regaled with how amazing the optics were on the Regal ED binoculars, and how they had replaced a different pair that cost over twice as much as these, I knew that I had to take a look. Do they hold up to the praise that was heaped upon them?

The compact packaging. Image by Paul Benson.

Celestron Regal ED 10x42mm Roof Binoculars – What’s in the Box?

When my binoculars arrived, they were in a fairly small, lightweight box. Opening it up, there’s a surprising amount inside. Here are the contents:

  • Carrying Case with Strap
  • Objective Lens and Eyepiece Caps
  • Neck Strap
  • Carrying Harness
  • Lens Cloth
  • Quick Start Guide
Everything inside the box. Image by Paul Benson.

The binoculars come with a sturdy clamshell case for travel or carrying to events. There’s a handle on the top of the case; alternatively, you can attach the included shoulder strap.

The first order of business was to attach the smaller straps to the binoculars. These could then be clipped onto either the neck strap or the carrying harness. One of the straps can also be threaded through the eyepiece cap, so you won’t risk losing that piece while using your binoculars.

All strapped up and ready to go. Image by Paul Benson.

While the neck strap is fine for shorter periods of observation, if you’re planning on using your binoculars for something like stargazing or bird watching, you’ll probably be happier going with the carrying harness. The harness is surprisingly comfortable and holds the binoculars conveniently across your torso. Not that the binoculars are very heavy to begin with(they’re 27 ounces), but the weight is distributed well. At a moment’s notice, you can lift the binoculars up to your eyes from where they hang on the harness.

Life finds a way… to comfortably hold your binoculars. Image by Paul Benson.

Using the Celestron Regal ED 10x42mm Roof Binoculars

If you’ve ever had a pair of binoculars, you know that there’s not much to using them. As the Celestron Regal ED 10x42mm Roof Binoculars are a professional pair, there are a couple of extra features you may not be used to if coming from an inexpensive pair. There is a diopter adjustment ring so that you can fine-tune the focus to compensate for any differences in your eyesight. There are also twist-up eyecups to accommodate eyeglass wearers.

But otherwise, to use these binoculars you move the barrels closer or farther apart so that you get a single image looking through the eyepieces, and then you turn the central focus wheel until the image comes into focus.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t equipped to take any pictures through the Celestron Regal ED 10x42mm Roof Binoculars. The binoculars are tripod adaptable, but the tripod mount is sold separately.

The optional tripod mount for the binoculars. Image by Celestron.

Instead, you will just have to rely on my words to tell you the image quality observed through the Celestron Regal ED 10x42mm Roof Binoculars.

This can really be summed up with one word: stunning.

I was frankly amazed at the crispness and clarity of the images I saw through these binoculars. This is due, in no small part, to the high-quality components used in their construction:

  • Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) objective lenses provide high resolution, high contrast images that are virtually free of optical defects such as chromatic aberration (color fringing)
  • Flat field technology ensures level, edge-to-edge image clarity
  • Fully multi-coated optics deliver maximum light transmission throughout the optical path.
  • Phase and dielectric coated BaK-4 prisms produce vivid, true-to-life colors.

The 42mm lenses give a nice wide field of view, and the 10x magnification is great for both terrestrial and extraterrestrial observing. You can also bring objects as close as 4.9′ into focus.

I also found that the focusing ring adjusted easily. When observing through a copse of trees, I was able to smoothly shift focus between the nearer and farther trees, in search of the birds I could hear in their branches.

You can find more technical specifications for the binoculars on the Celestron Regal ED 10x42mm Roof Binoculars webpage. They retail for $399.95 and can be purchased on Amazon or directly through the Celestron website. There is also an 8x Zoom model available.

If you are in the market for a pair of binoculars, I highly recommend the Celestron Regal ED 10x42mm Roof Binoculars. Like me, you’re sure to be blown away by how fantastic the optics are. I couldn’t help but wish that I had as vibrant vision through my eyeglasses as I did through these binoculars.

Celestron provided a sample for evaluation but had no input into this review. As an Amazon affiliate, I may receive a small commission on qualified purchases.

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