Review – One-Star Squadron #2: The Ballad of Minute Man

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One-Star Squadron #2 cover, via DC Comics.

One-Star Squadron #2 – Mark Russell, Writer; Steve Lieber, Artist; Dave Stewart, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: It actually kind of sucks being a superhero. That’s the message Mark Russell seems to be trying to get across with his new gig-economy satire. If you’re not one of the A-listers, you’re pretty much on your own—something that gets harder as you get older. The first issue mostly focused on Gangbuster, who only has a cameo this issue, but this issue turns the focus on probably the most pathetic member of the company—Minute Man. The retro superhero whose powers only last for a minute was never exactly an A-lister, but this issue reveals a darker secret about him. He’s been reduced to getting his power from Miraclo pills he purchases from a stereotypical drug dealer. He’s only been able to get together enough for one—which he buys with a DVD copy of the movie made about him. Yes, that’s right, he had a movie made about him! If you don’t remember, don’t worry—he’ll remind you pretty frequently.

Desperation. Via DC Comics.

At the corporate headquarters, where Power Girl is quietly plotting a coup, Minute Man gets increasingly desperate to make a name for himself with gigs. When his attempt to get on a security detail for an app designer’s meeting with Lex Luthor fails, he’s forced to resort to a birthday party gig—which goes horribly wrong when his powers don’t last the full minute and a group of savage children take full advantage. That leads to a last-ditch gig signing autographs at a convention, which leads into yet another humiliation conga for the unfortunate hero. This issue packs some good laughs, but can feel a little mean-spirited at some points, and I was missing the more sympathetic heroes like Gangbuster and the focus on Red Tornado’s family. There is a lot of promise in this concept, but it needs to be careful that it keeps the focus on the system—because this issue felt a little too much like we were supposed to be laughing at the heroes.

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