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GeekDad Review: MobyFox Pop Culture Apple Watch Bands

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Pop culture geeks like to represent, and MobyFox offers the opportunity to proudly display your favorite characters, shows, and movies on your wrist with officially-licensed Apple Watch bands.

MobyFox Apple watch band review
Two examples from MobyFox’s Powerpuff Girls collection. (Photo by Brad Moon)

All of Your Favourite Pop Culture Franchises

I’ve often searched for Apple Watch bands for my kids that reflect their pop culture tastes. These can be very tough to find. There are cheap-looking obvious knock-offs online, but I don’t want anything to do with these. There are also hand-made versions, but they don’t always look quite right. I might appreciate a bit of artistic interpretation, but my kids want the real thing.

MobyFox Apple watch band review
The Harry Potter House collection. (Image copyright MobyFox)

Finding MobyFox is like hitting the jackpot. The company offers an impressive selection of officially licensed collections. These include franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Stranger Things, and The Witcher. The company sent me two samples from the Powerpuff Girls collection—my daughter’s absolute favorite. The artwork is bright, colorful, and professional-looking.

MobyFox Apple watch band review
MobyFox Star Wars bands. (Image copyright MobyFox)

Silicone Bands

MobyFox watch bands are almost all made from hypo-allergenic silicone. The company says these have been tested for UV resistance, sweat resistance, and general durability. I did spot at least one (from The Book of Boba Fett collection) that is made of leather. There is a single band size, fitting wrists from 5.5-inches to 8.2-inches. They are soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear.

Besides the watch band, each box also includes a QR code to access exclusive Apple Watch face collections that complement the band artwork. You’ll need to download the MobyFace app to get the watch faces.

Smartwatch Compatibility

MobyFox obviously targets Apple Watch owners. Specifically, those who own the larger size Apple Watch models—the bands I received came with lugs for the 42mm/44mm/45mm Apple Watch pre-installed. The company also includes lugs in the box for the smaller, 38mm/40mm/41mm Apple Watch models. And all versions of the Apple Watch are supported, from the original to the Apple Watch 7. The lugs and buckles are silver, and there was no option to choose a different color.

(Image copyright MobyFox).
Apple Watch lugs are included. (Photo by Brad Moon)

MobyFox says that these bands also support any Android-based smartwatch with a 22mm pin. I didn’t have one of those to try out but confirmed they worked as advertised with a 44mm Apple Watch Series 4, and a 38mm Series 3.

Attaching the smaller lugs was fairly easy. There is a pin with a spring-loaded slider embedded in the ends of the strap. Pull the pin back, position the lug, then let the slider go and it clicks into place, anchoring the Apple Watch lug in place. The same mechanism is used for those pin-based Android smartwatches, but with no lug. The hardware seemed solid enough and we haven’t had one pop loose. MobyFox says the straps are covered against defects for one year, with a free replacement.


(Image copyright MobyFox).
Blossom from Powerpuff Girls on my daughter’s Apple Watch. (Photo by Brad Moon)

MobyFox replacement bands are a great way to customize your Apple Watch. They cover many of the most popular pop culture franchises. They seem well made, and the artwork is nicely done—as you would expect from officially licensed products. With prices starting at $39.95 (and bundle discounts available for some collections), they are a great and affordable way to wear your fandom.

Disclosure: MobyFox provided Apple Watch bands for evaluation but had no input into this review. As an Amazon Associate, I earn affiliate fees from qualifying purchases.

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