Story Pirates Blast Off With a Wormy New Years Eve

Crosspost Entertainment Theater

I’m not a fan of worms. I called it a cheap publicity stunt when Elmo’s pet wormy Slimy got serenaded by Tony Bennett (“Slimy To the Moon”). But worms made significant contributions to the environment and play an important role in our ecosystem. They are now making inroads into our living rooms and seeking to connect with our children. Grooving grub DJ Squirm-a-Lot is hosting the Story Pirates‘ second annual New Year’s Eve Party … from the moon (what is it with worms and outer space?). 

Just like a traditional Story Pirates live performance, this interactive improv adventure will involve story creation, songs, games, and special guests from their podcast. DJ Squirm-A-Lot promises to launch the biggest fireworks display ever viewed – explaining his decamping to the moon. The Story Pirates insist that the party will not be interrupted by DJ Squirm-A-Lot’s arch-nemesis Yorma the Ice Dragon. But you know how ice dragons can’t stand missing a festive gathering.
Because mom and dad may have different plans for midnight, this New Years Eve event is starting at 3 PM ET on Friday, December 31 (A family pass costs $15). There’s also a three-day Story Pirates’ virtual Creator Camp experience from December 29-31 for $75 which includes the New Years Eve event. During the pandemic (and into 2022 as kids 5-11 now qualify for COVID vaccinations), the Creators Club helped keep nascent minds firing on all cylinders with livestream workshops, radio shows, and podcast bonus activities. The fourth season of their podcast launched last fall and is available on major streaming platforms.
You can find all the information about the New Years Eve event at the Story Pirates website.

Did I forget to mention Story Pirates Radio? The show airs on YouTube. The first episode of “Story Pirates TV” aired in November. Stop kicking yourself if you missed it – I’ve embedded the video right here:

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