Review – Justice League Infinity #6: The Wrath of Amazo

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Justice League Infinity #6 cover, via DC Comics.

Justice League Infinity #6 – JM DeMatteis, James Tucker, Writers; Ethen Beavers, Artist; Nick Filardi, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: As we hit the penultimate issue, the collection of stories that has made up this wild journey into the multiverse finally converge as the heroes meet the person who’s the source of all this chaos—Amazo. The sentient android has been searching for answers, and that’s led him to the multiverse where he discovered he wasn’t alone. That’s the good news. The bad news is, he’s not the only Amazo in the multiverse—and the other one is a twisted mad doppelganger who has been corrupted by the anti-life equation. It’s impressive how many seemingly unrelated plots are coming together in these final issues, with oddball subplots like the heroic Darkseid and his love of Wonder Woman are coming back into play. Like most of the great Multiverse stories, it thrives on chaos and on delivering us unexpected versions of our favorite characters. And this beginning of the end delivers on both fronts.

Shattered. Via DC Comics.

Many of the characters we see here only appear for a few panels, but there are some clever twists. A disabled Batman who continues to fight crime on a Bat-copter wheelchair? Exactly the kind of wild thing Batman would do. I’m also glad that this book makes absolutely no attempt to redeem Overman. Having him spout actual Nazi rhetoric in the middle of an animated spin-off? A little jarring, but made the ensuing beat-down he receives all the more fascinating. As we tick down towards the final issue, this story packs quite a few gut-punches and shocking twists, including just enough hope spots before things go terribly wrong. It doesn’t quite have the fleshed-out world of the Batman animated spin-off, but this series was always a lot more wide-reaching, a lot more chaotic. The creative team has managed to go bigger and better as we head towards the conclusion—hopefully of season one.

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