Review – Blue and Gold #4: Funky Flashbacks

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Blue and Gold #4 cover, via DC Comics.,

Blue and Gold #4 – Dan Jurgens, Writer; Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Dan Jurgens/Norm Rapmund, Artists

Ray – 9/10

Ray: The funniest book in DC’s library continues to hit on all levels, and a big part of its success is that it has people who have been working on these characters for decades. Not only does it have lead writer Dan Jurgens, who created Booster and defined Ted Kord for most readers, but this issue brings in legendary artist Kevin Maguire from their Justice League era—just in time for Booster and Beetle to make idiots of themselves once again. They’re trying to get their new business off the ground and have scheduled an interview to talk about their storied superhero career—except they can’t quite agree on how their first days on the job went. Each of them has a completely different story of their first battle against the villain Blackguard, and the issue cleverly shares both those divergent paths—with art by Maguire on Blue Beetle’s segment and Jurgens pulling double-duty as a writer-artist on Booster’s.

Interview day. Via DC Comics.

What we know is that these two chuckleheads nearly died their first day on the job, but neither can agree on who pulled who’s butt out of the fire. As they bicker live on air—with the framing segment drawn by regular artist Ryan Sook—the battles unfold in flashback segments with hilariously fake dialogue that is obviously each of them making themselves look better at the other’s expense. If it was any other two characters, you would think they didn’t actually like each other—but that’s just how these guys are. It’s clear they’re both probably lying, and by the time a third party shows up to set the record straight, the issue has hit a hilarious conclusion. This is definitely a side issue, with no real ties to the larger story until the cliffhanger. But sometimes you just want to see a pair of lovable idiot superheroes act like buffoons with very little stakes. This is a perfect tribute to the era these characters come from.

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