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Wonder Woman #780 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Wonder Woman #780 – Becky Cloonan/Michael W. Conrad, Writers; Travis Moore, Steve Pugh, Artists; Tamra Bonvillain, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: After the backup concluded last month, we get an oversized main story—just in time for Diana to return to the main DCU after her adventure through the afterlife and the multiverse. I find it amusing right out of the gate that everyone’s reaction to Diana’s return from the great beyond is… okay! They’re happy, of course, but it’s more like greeting an old friend who just returned from an extended vacation than it is celebrating a miracle. But then, just about everyone in that room has been dead at least once besides maybe Black Canary. They have a lot of questions, and there isn’t much genuine emotion—at least until Hippolyta shows up and mother and daughter finally reunite. I’m wondering what this will mean for Hippolya’s time on the League, though.

An unexpected return? Via DC Comics.

While the rest of the universe seems to want her to get back to work almost immediately, this issue does have some heavy things on its mind. While all the DC heroes have died, Diana is one of the only ones to have an up-close encounter with the afterlife and remember everything. That gives someone a lot to chew on, and it’s clear she’s not quite back on kilter by the time the issue reaches its halfway point. Hippolyta encourages her to take some time for herself and regroup, and Diana heads to Themyscira—only to be derailed by a refugee ship she has to save. It’s a very Wonder Woman thing to do—even in the middle of one of her biggest trials, she can never turn her back on anyone in need.

The rest of the issue is devoted to how everyone else responds to her return. Steve Trevor’s unrestrained enthusiasm is great, and probably indicates a reunion for those two sooner rather than later. Donna and Cassie celebrate, Etta Candy’s old sorority—now apparently a motorcycle gang—hosts a parade, and Nubia declares a day of celebration on Themyscira. Others, including Artemis, and surprisingly Yara Flor have a more muted response. But the best segment of the issue is probably the conversation between Diana and Nubia as the two old friends reunite. A strong, subtle issue that leaves Diana in a new place and the reader excited for more.

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