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Batman/Fortnite: Foundation #1 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation #1 – Scott Snyder, Christos Gage, Donald Mustard, Writers; Joshua Hixson, Artist; Roman Stevens, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: If the idea of a Batman/Fortnite crossover wasn’t ridiculous enough, you know what’s even more ridiculous? DC’s top writer of the last decade jumping on to co-write an issue. So why is Scott Snyder writing a Fortnite comic book? Simple—The Batman Who Laughs. The maniac Batman from the Dark Multiverse was presumed dead after Death Metal, and his return here isn’t really explained—there’s no time for stuff like that. But he’s making it into the game, and so this tie-in just has the heroes briefly puzzled by his return—and then they go with it. A new rift like the one that sucked Batman in during the previous miniseries has emerged in Metropolis, and this time the heroes aren’t the only ones interested. Lex Luthor has arranged a team of villains to invade it—hoping to find infinite power and access to the multiverse within. And of course, Batman’s deranged doppelganger is with them and looking to sow chaos.

But where new villains emerge, a new hero emerges as well. The Foundation, a powerful armored vigilante from the world of Fortnite has made his way into the DCU, looking to close the rift. Naturally, he and Batman get off to a rough start and fight. The Foundation is a character whose identity hasn’t been revealed yet, so it’s not a surprise he’s a bit of a blank slate. But this issue is better than it has any right to be. You can tell Snyder’s dialogue is guiding the completely insane voice of The Batman Who Laughs. Joshua Hixson’s art is much darker than Reilly Brown’s on the previous mini, suiting the subject matter well. There are a lot of fun fight scenes, but this ultimately is a throwaway comic that serves to explain the Batman Who Laughs’ arrival into the rift. Maybe a bit too much exposition, but it’s a fun thrill-ride of a comic that gives us a little more of DC’s most popular new villain out of continuity.

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