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Last Days on the ‘Toxic Seas’ – Four Days Left on Kickstarter!

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This post was sponsored by The Toxic Seas: A 5e Campaign Setting.
Are you looking for a unique new campaign setting for your RPG group? Check out the Kickstarter for Toxic Seas, a high-flying fifth-edition homebrew campaign setting from dungeon master and fantasy storyteller Jeran Jenks. From our previous look at the setting:

The realm of the Toxic Seas is one that’s prehistory was lost to a creeping environmental cataclysm simply called the Disaster. Some 1500 years ago, a poisonous emerald fog first flooded the lowlands, wiping out communities in caves and seasides, but it didn’t stop there. This toxic mist continued to rise, forcing survivors continually into higher ground. Eventually, all that was left was isolated mountaintops and desperate pockets of humanity literally starved of all but the most meager of resources.

The first half of Jenks’ The Traveler’s Guide to the Toxic Seas recounts the development of these disparate nation-states, examining everything from culture to clothing to cuisine. It brings new DMs up to speed on the movers and shakers that propel this unique world, with a focus on not just the Disaster itself, but the Balloon Corp, surely the most important development since the fog choked its first victims.

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Sample art for ‘Traveler’s Guide to the Toxic Seas ‘

The Kickstarter campaign for Toxic Seas is in its last few days, and could really use a boost to get it over the top. If you’re an experienced RPG-er who appreciates a unique homebrew setting filled with imagination and room to grow, consider giving this one a shot.

Digital rewards start at the $25 level ($20 early-bird), with WIP access available for $50 Travellers ($40 early-bird), and even custom content at the higher $150 and $200 tiers. Explore the Kickstarter for a full rundown of its goals and rewards, be sure to check out the six-page sample document to get a taste of what awaits on the Toxic Seas, and join the Balloon Corp by pledging your support today!

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